Key Features

Key Features

Protecting Teen Drivers

miaLinkup is a tool for teaching and encouraging responsible and safe driving. Parents can guide their children to becoming good drivers. By utilizing location and driver behavior data, parents can evaluate their teen’s progress and provide additional feedback as needed.

Managing Fuel Costs

In current trends it is important to use the “greenest”, cleanest, most cost effective and highest technologically advanced technology.
As you drive, miaLinkup is constantly reading information from your car’s engine computer and sending it to the miaLinkup App for tracking and analysis. At the end of each trip, your data can be published to your account for further review or to share with other community members.

Tracking Trips

Track your travels using the mobile app and the device’s GPS technology to locate your vehicle easily or view a mapped log of every trip. GPS tracking continuously tracks your vehicles location. The Trip Logs can be easy used by business or personal travelers who want to maintain records of their trips, be it a short one-day trip or an extended trip lasting many days. Miles, fuel usage, and other parameters can be recorded as well. A Trip Report can be generated directly from the app. The informative Trip Report includes a history of all your trips – virtually there is no limit to the number of trips you can record. Tracking Trips can also give business owners the advantage of tracking their vehicles.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Connect your vehicle to your smartphone so you know more about its health. Stay connected to your ride to get helpful information about your vehicle’s operation. Use the smartphone app or website to get fuel level*, battery voltage and vehicle-diagnostic codes. You can also see what problems your vehicle has before taking it to the mechanic, allowing you to have an idea of the cost and changes needed. The average check engine light repair is over $350. Do-It-Yourself and save.

Preventing Unauthorized Movements

Set up alerts to keep track of your vehicle. Receive alerts if your vehicle has being broken into, stolen or towed. Protect your vehicle while it is parked!

Find Your Car Smarter

miaLinkup helps you to find your car in large, indoor and outdoor parking areas. Use the mobile app and the device’s GPS technology to locate your vehicle easily.

Battery Monitoring

Left your light on in the car? Didn’t know until you reached your car and your battery was dead? Never experience a dead car battery again. miaLinkup battery monitoring detects and notifies you if your vehicle battery has an abnormal voltage. Eliminating the need for roadside assistance and allowing problems to be rectified immediately as they arise.

Eliminating the need for roadside assistance and allowing problems to be rectified immediately as they arise.

TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System

(optional, additional hardware/sensors may be required)
Every year AAA responses to astonishing 4 million tire related services in the US annually. In fact 25,000 crashes caused by improper tire inflation. Filling the tires correctly is one of the top safety actions. However more than 3 of 4 motorists do not check their tire pressure correctly, checking of tire pressure is not easy, which tire is low? You need to check every tire.

miaLinkupTM shows your car’s tire pressure and temperature on your smartphone.

  • Real-time monitor tire pressure and temperature
  • DIY installation
  • Prevent tire puncture, save fuel and reduce wear

Government Legislation

Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Music Control

Forget boring morning talk shows and played-out pop tunes. March to the beat of your own music with a smartphone to Car Stereo Transmitter. No need for factory installed Bluetooth to get benefits of Bluetooth high quality sound. The perfect companion for that commute to work each day, this Smartphone to Stereo feature allows you to play your smartphone music through your car stereo. And it’s simple! On the app simply select an FM channel and then on your car stereo, tune the same channel in and you can listen to your favorite tunes. You can also use the device as hands free for your phone.

  • Worldwide FM band support (76–108 MHz)
  • FM tuner with an Auto-Tune feature to help find the clearest FM station
  • Radio Data System (RDS/ RBDS)* is sometimes called a “smart radio.”
  • Equipped with the MOST ADVANCED BLUETOOTH FM TRANSMITTER available today!

* RDS can display brief text messages on a car’s radio screen. E.g. current track name. Besides the user convenience, RDS can enhance driving safety, because it lets the driver pay attention to the road instead of to the music controls.

Head-Up Display (HUD)

Everyday, 350 people die worldwide due to low visibility conditions while driving” — World Health Organization data

miaLinkupTM HUD Increases driver safety by allowing drivers to focus on the road.

Just put the phone on the dashboard. Does not require any projectors, works fine without special film on windshield

  • Projects dashboard information onto your windshield
  • Offers speed, RPM, direction, time and speed limit alerts¹
  • Works wirelessly with compatible Bluetooth®-enabled smartphones

Similar OEM HUD systems in premium cars can cost more than $1,500, and aftermarket HUD are average $160.

Unlike many smartphone HUD applications, miaLinkupTM HUD doesn’t require Internet connection. This is especially handy when you go into the countryside, where there may be no connection at all.


A geofence zone is a virtual boundary around any location. When a vehicle enters, leaves or exceed a preset speed limit of an active zone you will receive a geofence zone violation notification. miaLinkup will automatically monitor the vehicles location while it is running.

Remote Access

(optional, compatibility varies by vehicle make and model, additional hardware may be required)

Now you can remote start, lock and unlock, trunk, horn your car directly from your smartphone.